Learning Patience at the Honda Dealership

I am very impatient. There. I said it. I can admit it. I hate waiting. I hate waiting for things – like waiting to bring home my new car. Like waiting to see my final mark in a course. Like waiting to see a good friend who moved hours away. I hate it. I hate waiting during things too. Like waiting in my classroom for my final exam to start. Like waiting in line at a busy McDonalds. Like waiting to get a car key replaced (that I lost) at a Honda Dealership. Yeah. I hate it. Image

Buuuuut, unfortunately, waiting is a part of life. A part of life that most people don’t enjoy – but I’m sure some people deal with waiting much better than I do. I really don’t deal with it well. Here’s the story:

Last week I was out on a date. Spring is FINALLY here after the worst winter I have ever lived through (if you don’t believe me, ask your friendly neighbourhood Canadian how bad it was). So, since the weather was nice, I decided to wear my nice spring jacket. The problem with this jacket is that the pockets are kind of weird, and don’t have a button or a zipper to keep them shut.

Being the idiot that I am, I decided to shove the car keys into my pocket instead of safely securing them in my purse. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

When I went to grab my keys, they were nowhere to be found. Uh-oh.
I immediately freaked out. F. and I went back to the only two places we visited…and unfortunately, no one had found my keys. We searched his car as thoroughly as we could…and still nothing. The keys were GONE. My parents had to come rescue me (I was almost an hour away from home!) and poor F. had to skip his last philosophy class (which I know he not-so-secretly enjoyed).

The point is, the keys were lost because of me. My dad and I passed by the Honda dealership today to get the keys replaced. He assumed we would just be in and out – order the key, and leave. Well, it was much more complicated than that as the keyless entry thing had to be programmed to your car. It would take an hour. A WHOLE HOUR! I asked my dad if he could take me home first and come back, but he said no. I was mad. It was lunch time. I was hungry. I also had to meet a friend this afternoon and I wasn’t ready at all. I had to put on makeup, pick out an outfit, do my hair…you know…normal girl things!

So naturally, I acted like a child and gave my dad the silent treatment for about 20 minutes before I realized what a true idiot I was being. Yeah, I was hungry. But I had some trail mix in my purse. Yeah, I wasn’t ready to go out with my friend – but I still had 2 hours until we decided to meet. Yeah, it was an inconvenience – but I WAS THE REASON we had to get a new key in the first place!

Instead of being an impatient child, I should have been a grateful daughter – my dad didn’t even make me pay for the replacement key! I even offered, and he said no.

Isn’t that awesome!?

But because I was, at first, wallowing in my impatient misery, I didn’t even THANK my dad for paying for my mistake. A really stupid, pretty expensive, mistake.

So I apologized and got over myself. I played a game on my iPhone and texted some of my friends. I waited…still somewhat impatiently (because I’m still learning) but I stopped complaining. I stopped my pathetic pity party. I realized that patience is really important – if I hadn’t be so impatient, I could have properly thanked my dad for being such an amazing person and saving me over 200 bucks. I could have enjoyed the hour we spent together in the waiting room – true father-daughter time, yeah?! I could have taken the time to just enjoy all that life has to offer instead of being miserable for such a stupid, little reason.

So now I’ve realized I need to work on my patience. And I know it won’t be easy, but hopefully next time I lose a car key (hopefully, hopefully that won’t happen again) I will be able to enjoy the waiting room a little more.

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