Why You Should Watch “Bob’s Burgers” (plus, changes to my blog)

NOTICE: BEFORE I get started on my real post, I just wanted to talk about the small changes I’ve made to my blog! The website link has stayed the same (www.anxiousandawesome.wordpress.com), however, the actual name of my blog has changed to “Ellay’s Space”(My initials are L.A…Ell…Ay…Ellay) – because I apparently like borderline cliché, boring blog names. Whatever. I decided to change the name because my blog is not just about anxiety – I felt it was misleading when I decided to blog about things such as social media and books and movies and TV shows and whatever else I decided to blog about. I also felt constrained – like I had to stick to one topic because of the name, which might be a stupid reason but also…whatever. It is changed now.

Alriiiiight! On to the actual post!



I just started watching Bob’s Burgers last week, and I fell in love! I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. I was at my grandmother’s house when my brother first introduced me to the show. I watched it with him because my grandmother has basic cable and there was nothing better on. At first I thought it was pretty stupid. But after about 10 minutes…I started to connect with the characters – and I realized how unique (and funny!) this show is. You should try watching it too because…

1. The female characters are not stereotypical (none of the characters are, really) – Tina, Louise, and Linda are all very different. Lousie is an evil mastermind, a prankster, and an aggressive character. Tina is an awkward, hormonal teenage obsessed with boys and kissing and butts (which may have been stereotypical if she was a male character – but she’s not!)  and although Linda may be the typical housewife character, she is not that nagging presence that comedy wives generally are. Their son, Gene, is also not a stereotypical adolescent boy – he loves singing and dancing and making music. Some have even speculated that Gene is gay!

1.2. Female characters are portrayed realistically – they fart, they itch their crotches, they are sometimes downright gross. No one freaks out when this happens. No one has a heart attack because a girl talked about a period. It’s just as funny when a girl talks about butts or farts as it is when a guy does.

2. Bob is a supportive husband and father – Unlike many other comedies (especially in the adult cartoon genre…RE: American Dad, The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc), Bob actually cares about his family, spends time with his kids, and loves them. He’s not an alcoholic, he’s not abusive, he’s not an absent parent. He does things to make his kids happy. He laughs when they say stupid things. He doesn’t get angry unless there’s a good reason to (most of the time!) He cares about his wife, and they clearly have a very strong marriage – which isn’t shown in any other cartoon comedy I can think of.

3. The family dynamic – The siblings appear to have little to no other friends. They are all close with each other. Even at school, they hang out with each other, defend each other from bullies, and even eat lunch together. The family isn’t perfect – and they fight…often. But it’s never just DAD VS THE FAMILY, like so many other shows. Sometimes it’s kids VS Linda, or kids VS Bob, or Louise VS mom or Tina VS Dad or Bob VS Linda. In the end, problems are always solved, and the family always sticks up for each other – no matter what.

4. It’s actually so funny – It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, I realize that. But it’s a really funny show. Sometimes (maybe most of the time) it’s just the incredible stupidity of the situation that you can’t help but laugh. Sometimes it’s the bit of wit and sarcasm Bob and various other characters spit out. It’s a generally enjoyable show, especially if you’re looking for light humour. AND, it’s not offensive! I don’t really like Family Guy because of how offensive it can be – even though I’m not easily offended, I just don’t like watching shows that are full of cheap sex jokes or make fun of Christianity as much as that show does. Bob’s Burgers is pretty clean and will provide 20 minutes of entertainment for you if you decide to watch.

There are more reasons, but I won’t write them all. If you aren’t convinced by this list – maybe you should just check it out yourself. Or better yet, read more reviews/blog posts about this show! There are so many out there telling you why this show is different from the pack, and why you should watch it!

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