We All Want to be Cool Christians, Right?


I’m pretty sure the above picture is a joke. At least, I sort of hope it is. I understand that in our society where religion is lame and a “do-whatever-makes-you-happy” attitude is so prevalent that it can sometimes be hard on us. Sometimes you just want to fit in. Sometimes, you just want to be cool. 

“Hey, yeah, I’m a Christian – but I’m totally cool with your lifestyle and you can believe whatever you want.”

“Oh yeah, I go to church, but I’m more spiritual than religious.”

“This is just my lifestyle choice, it’s not for everyone.”

How many times have you heard people say things like this? Never? Once? Twice? A gazillion times?

Not only have I heard these statements before, I’ve been guilty of saying them myself.

Because I wanted to fit in. Because I wanted to be cool. Because I didn’t want people thinking I was one of those “crazy religious folk” who was going to throw Bibles at anyone who passed by and attempt to baptize them in my kitchen sink.

Honestly, I don’t think you can be cool and also be a Christian.

“Cool” by today’s standards, at least. 

What makes a person cool anyway? Well, according to basically everything our society tells us, smoking makes you cool. Recreational drugs makes you cool. Getting drunk makes you cool. Sleeping around makes you cool.

Doing whatever you want and having “no regrets” makes you cool.

But that’s not what being a Christian is about. It’s about listening and following Someone bigger than you. It’s about putting God before yourself – and that’s not “cool”. Although it’s not about following a bunch of rules,  once you are a Christian, you will do certain things and avoid other ones because of what you believe. And generally, that isn’t cool. And people might not like you because of that.

People might stop inviting you out to their house parties. People might stop inviting you out to bars. People might stop inviting you out to “pub night” at your university. People might stop talking to you. People might think you aren’t cool.

And I think that’s okay. Because as Christians, we are going against the grain. We aren’t meant to fit in. We  stand against a lot of what people consider normal or cool.  We are meant to challenge existing beliefs and show people that there is a different way to live – a way that might make you not-so-cool, but will give you something way better in return.

I’ve come to terms with it. I’m okay with not being cool.

Are you? 

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