Bumps in the Road

I drew another comic today! On crappy Macrosoft Paint! (Hah…MACrosoft…get it! …Neither do I. There’s really not even a joke there. I just used my Mac again.)

You ever feel like some things in life are SO difficult for you, but easy for others? Little challenges that seem so easy to overcome, yet for some reason, they never are? Well…I feel that way all the time. And I drew it.


5 thoughts on “Bumps in the Road

  1. Ha! I love it!
    And yes, I know that feeling :-) This week I can get out the front door OK, which is nice, but am not managing certain other things quite as well. And the fact that I can’t manage those things is making me feel like shit, and that I’m no good, and may never be good again … gotta love a good bit of “depression logic” springing from an anxiety trigger!
    Ah well, at least we’re both laughing, even if it is just at our non-jokes. :-D

    1. Thanks so much!

      I’m sorry you’re going through a hard time too, though. Lately I’ve been having a hard time just leaving the house. But I always find it helps knowing you aren’t alone. Keep pushing on, and know that even the little successes are still successes!

  2. This is exactly how I was feeling when I started brainstorming the idea of starting a blog, and then actually setting up a WordPress account, and now trying to figure out exactly what to write as my first blog post.

    1. My first post was literally about nothing. I wanted to write about something, didn’t feel like writing about that anymore, and just wrote whatever was on my mind. Sometimes, that’s the easiest way to get it started. Or just write a little introduction about yourself. Don’t stress over it :) It’ll come to you eventually!

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