I was browsing through Reddit a few days ago and came across this post. The post was asking people what controversial opinions they have. Now, a lot of the opinions, in MY opinion, were not only controversial but also deplorable. For example, the top comment in this thread stated “I believe that parents should be given a “grace period” after giving birth in which they have the choice to humanely euthanize the child if it unexpectedly comes out with a disability.”  

Now, it’s important to note that the way Reddit usually works is the most upvoted comments are ones that the general Reddit public agree with – the more controversial ones get downvoted and lost. However, since the point of this thread was to hear controversial opinions, that’s why ones like the above quote were so high up there – because they were in fact controversial.

One comment caught my attention though. It was a little bit down the list, but still visible. It was about Christianity. Here’s the post:


Reddit is a fairly homogenous community. The most common voices heard are those of white, atheist, middle-class, educated, North American males. Redditors tend to be anti-religion at most and agnostic at the very least. So it didn’t surprise me that this comment was considered “controversial” – especially since it came from a Mormon (and that’s a whole other can of worms I will not get into).

The fact that this was considered “controversial” didn’t faze me. It was the next comment (Red) that really irked me. “I’m glad you are able to turn to Christ during your times in need”. Blue never said anything about going through a hard time and using his/her faith to cope.

Religion is not meant to be used as a security blanket. Yes, obviously your faith can help you get through the hardest times in your life, and yes, you can pray and ask for God’s guidance and that is a comfort. But I did not become a Christian because I was going through a hard time. I do not “turn to” religion only when I’m going through hard times. Actually, lately I’ve found that my relationship with God has been stronger during the calm and happy times in my life.

It frustrates me that so many people believe the “purpose” of religion is to comfort those who can’t “face reality”. For those who want to “kid themselves” into believing they aren’t alone. For those “too weak” to live life without believing in “some higher power”.

The thing that bothers me the most about this post, is that almost all the replies were just things like “haha yeah as long as you don’t talk to me about your religion I’m totally fine with it!” And “yeah, but look all the problems with Christianity! [goes on to list major “problems”]” etc. I saw a few people attempt to correct this poster. Most of them were at the bottom and had been downvoted, but one of them (with a whopping 16 upvotes!) summarized how I feel for the most part, and I’ll leave you with this (this is the actual quote):

“Not everyone comes to Christ from place of weakness. I’m sure I would in life or death I would want Christ’s love to comfort me but mostly I rely on myself. I out think or out work a problem. Christ is about helping others not yourself. Duty to others and God. Not just self-comfort. Just my humble opinion. Atheists, even friendly ones like yourself, tend to frame religion as a salve for a weakness. You are right that it can be used that way. Its not even necessarily a bad thing. Its just not the whole picture to many Christians.” 

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