Church Envy

Yesterday I worked almost 13 hours…and I was just way too tired to write a new post. So, I’m going to do it now instead.
A few weeks ago, I experienced something I had never experienced before. A very specific type of envy. Church envy.

Here’s what happened.
I was at my cousin’s house for dinner one night. My aunt and I were talking about my job (I work in a church organizing and running child/youth events for the summer). I was telling her that our VBS would be starting soon, and I was really excited, but worried because so far, only 7 kids had signed up.

Years ago, my aunt had worked in a different church doing basically the exact same job as I have. But the church she worked for was huge. Like…really huge. My church has about 250 – 300 people in total. Her church had 250 kids just signed up for VBS! She went on and on about how amazing their VBS was, and how many volunteers they had, and all the really cool stuff they did (and of course, their budget was significantly higher because more people = more money).

And in that moment, I felt jealous. Yup. Jealous!

I know my aunt wasn’t trying to rub it in my face that their VBS was soooo much better than ours, but that’s what it seemed like. And for a few days, I was kind of miserable about this. We had worked so hard for two whole months brainstorming, organizing, building sets, creating lessons and planning our VBS…and only 7 kids had signed up. Other churches had 250 kids! TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY! 

But then I realized something. The numbers really didn’t matter. All that mattered was that we made VBS special and awesome for the kids that DID end up showing up. That we got the chance to teach them about God, and that we got the chance to be positive influences in their lives. Even if it was just for one week. Even if it was for only 7 kids.

Our VBS was from August 12 – 16th. We had 40 kids show up. It’s not 250, but it’s also not 7. And during our one week with those kids, we did our best to show them God’s love in new and exciting ways, and I really got the chance to get to know almost ALL the kids. Because there wasn’t 250 of them, I was able to have some really great conversations with almost all of them, and get to know them on a much more personal level.

It’s not better to have 250 kids. It’s not better to have 40 kids. That’s not the point of this. That’s not why we do it.

It’s not a competition.

One thought on “Church Envy

  1. Great thoughts…and every one of those 7 or 40 or however many are precious to God. You truly have impacted those little lives – whateverr you do for the least of them (or least in #), you did for Him! It all matters!

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