Why Being An Adult Doesn’t (Totally) Suck


I think a lot of people worry about “becoming an adult” nowadays. It’s funny though, because I remember talking to my mom about this a while back. And she remembers being a child and wanting so desperately to become an adult, because childhood wasn’t fun for her. GASP! However, for a lot of us…(not all of us, I recognize that) being a child or a teenager WAS fun. And we didn’t have a lot of responsibility. And when you think of adulthood, you think “OMG THAT’S ALL IT IS! A PILE OF RESPONSIBILITIES!” 

Well, I guess it is. Sort of. Yeah, being an adult is hard. But I’m sure being a baby was hard too. You probably don’t remember your first step, but I’m sure it took a lot of effort, and concentration, and you probably fell a lot and cried a lot. And what about first grade? Learning math for the first time. Or how to write. And read. Looking back you think…”WOW! I wish learning to read was my biggest problem now”. But put it in perspective. When you were 6, that probably was a big deal. I remember getting really stressed out (granted, I was a very anxious child) about my first “book report”.

So then you grow up a bit. And now you’re a teenager. And you worry about whether or not to give into “peer pressure” when you go to your first party and someone offers you a beer. But you’re only 16! What do you do? For some kids, yeah. They don’t care. Take the beer! There’s no decision to be made. But for others, these are big decisions. And it’s all responsibility. What about your first date? Or what about your “big” science project that’s worth 30% of your mark?!

These things don’t seem like a big deal now. Not to me at least. Now that I’m all grown-up, I don’t have to worry about those silly things! I have real problems! But the thing is, in 20 years I will look back and be like “WOW! I wish writing a 10 page paper was my biggest problem now!”

Being an adult sucks, yeah. But only if you don’t put it in perspective. I won’t lie and say that I don’t have more responsibility than I did when I was a toddler, or a 6 year old, or a teenager. But the point is, I’ve grown up. I know HOW to handle myself now. And I’m going to tell you why being an adult doesn’t totally suck.

1. You get to do whatever you want. (See: above picture) Seriously. Even though I still live with my parents, they couldn’t care less what I do. As soon as I turned 18 they told me: “You are now an adult. We trust you to make your own choices”. Sweet deal! If you don’t have awesome parents like me (just kidding! Well…they are awesome, but they aren’t perfect or anything) , you can always move out and do whatever you want in your very own house. Yay! I mean, the downside is that I’m broke because I have student loans…but hypothetically…I can do whatever I want. And just knowing that feels pretty good.

2. High school sucks – and now I’m finished it forever! Whoever said that high school is the best years of your life was a complete idiot. I hated high school and I’d say at least 90% of kids do. Now I’m finished! And university is AMAZING! I love school again! Yay!

3. Your social life gets better. Work. School. Clubs. Bars. (If you’re into that sort of thing). My social life got way better after I finished high school. I know, I know. This isn’t the case for EVERYONE. But most of the people I know would agree that once you are able to do whatever you want, your social life will inevitably improve.

4. Driving. Enough said.

5. Actually being able to “follow your dreams”. As cheesy and lame as this sounds, it’s true. You want to become an architect? Work your butt off and get into that awesome college/university! You want to become a singer? Try as hard as you can and see where it leads you. You want to be an author? Write all day every day! (Or, you know, as much as you can in between work and school). I’m not saying you will always reach said goals, but you can at least TRY. And that feels awesome.

6. All the other little things that come with more responsibility and freedom. Getting to go to the movies whenever you want. Skipping classes without receiving a phone call home to your parents. Coming home whenever you want and no one caring. Getting to decorate your own dormroom/apartment/whatever. You can get a tattoo now! You can date whoever you want. You CAN have ice cream for lunch!

There are many more things I could say about the joys of reaching adulthood. And of course, I’m only a young adult. I’m sure as you get older, there are other awesome things about being an adult. Like…actually having money. A real income! And starting a family. Getting married. Having kids. All that jazz. Buying yourself a puppy, and no one saying “not in my house!”

So yeah. Being an adult sucks. And the transition from teenager to adult is a tough one. But responsibility is not always bad. And hard is not always bad either. Knowing what I know today, I would never go back!

2 thoughts on “Why Being An Adult Doesn’t (Totally) Suck

  1. I agree with this! Being an adult is hard but the perks are awesome. Nobody bats an eyelid when you tell them that yesterday – instead of going to school you stayed in bed and watched movies all day. It really is “your life”.

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