Anxiety Cycle


I like this picture. But, I also don’t like it. There are some things about it that I do think are true, and can relate to. But I also think it makes some pretty harsh assumptions about anxiety sufferers. Let me elaborate. 

Having anxiety is exhausting. A lot of times it is really, really difficult to concentrate on what you are trying to do. For example, I am having some anxiety issues right now – yes – right now! And so it’s been a little difficult for me to type this out and focus on what I’m really trying to say.

Sometimes it is impossible to do simple, daily tasks. Like write a blog post, or go to the grocery store, or write up an essay for school, or a report for work. And of course, these things do increase your anxiety level…which perpetuates the problem. Leading to the cycle shown above!

However, I would say that the majority of anxiety sufferers do not suffer from a “perpetual short-circuit of the brain”. My anxiety is severe, according to my psychologist. And yet, I do not feel like I am in a perpetual state of anxiety. On bad days, yes. I do. But it’s not a 24/7 thing. (And yes I know, some people do have it that bad).

This diagram makes it seem like EVERYTHING is a challenge for people with anxiety. And while I like the fact that this is clearly not downplaying anxiety or mental illness, I also do not really like it when people exaggerate it either.

I don’t always have issues going to work. I don’t always have issues going to school. I don’t always have issues writing a blog post or taking my dog for a walk or running to Starbucks to grab a coffee. Sometimes, I do. But not always.

I think we anxiety sufferers need to start thinking a little more positively. When you are in a slump, just remember all the times that you were able to do your daily tasks without feeling like the world was going to end,

Anyway, that’s my rant. About a picture I found online.

If you couldn`t tell already…I haven`t had much to say lately.

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