I Am a Two-Year Old

…When I’m having a panic attack. Have you ever seen the way two-year olds act? Sometimes they can be pretty adorable. But other times…you just want someone to make them shut up. Well, I realized something. When I have a panic attack…I act like a two-year old. Seriously. 
I had an 11 hour panic attack yesterday. And that is not an exaggeration, unfortunately. (I’ll write about that later, I’m exhausted right now). And I acted stupid. I cried a little. Yelled a little. Kicked my feet around a bit. I probably even muttered some completely incoherent sentences.

Just like a two-year old. If you ever see someone have a panic attack, it may look ridiculous. It may look like they are acting immature or like a child. But when you are in panic mode, you forget about how to act normally. You forget a lot of the social norms that keep you from yelling at your dad in the middle of a crowded Walmart.

Panic attacks suck. And sometimes, they can make you look pretty stupid.

But if you know someone who is suffering from one, please be patient. If they are acting like a two-year old, there’s probably a lot of horrible things going on their head! So yeah.

I’m tired. I don’t even know what I’m rambling about anymore.

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