Cardboard Boxes Suck

This post really isn’t about anything. There is no lesson to be learned or moral of the story or anything really. It’s just about how much cardboard boxes suck. And I’m not joking. They suck. I mean, they are awesome…sort of. Like, you can make SO many things with them. When I was a kid, I loved cardboard boxes! You could make a castle or a fort or a house or an army base or an airplane or a spaceship. The possibilities are endless. But now, I hate cardboard. 

Do you know how freakin’ difficult it is to cut through a cardboard box?! It’s so hard! I’m a pretty small person and I have zero upper-body strength. So basically, I cannot cut through cardboard. But my job right now requires me to work with a crap-ton of cardboard because  we are making props for our summer VBS program. Wood is even harder to work with, so we decided to use cardboard. We made the Great Wall of China out of cardboard yesterday, which turned out pretty well.

Today we attempted to make a pyramid. It took three hours, a giant gash in the floor and paint all over my legs to finish it…but we did it. And it looked…like…crap.

We are going to make a new one tomorrow, but I’m already dreading having to cut through all that cardboard. It’s not ONLY that cardboard is hard to cut through, it’s that when you are cutting through it, the ends get all jaggedy and rough and pointy and weird looking. And sometimes a layer of the cardboard paper stuff rips off and then it starts to show the insides of the box which makes things even uglier and more difficult.

So the moral of this story is that cardboard boxes suck, and even when you spend 3 hours working your hardest on something, it may still turn out like crap.

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