I Don’t Want a Diamond Ring

I don’t want a diamond ring. Ever. You may be a little shocked because according to every movie and TV show out there, every single girl dreams about the day they get a big, beautiful diamond ring! Well not me. And I never have.I don’t even know why I’m writing this post actually. I don’t have anything else to say today and I thought this might be an interesting topic. Maybe? I don’t know. You tell me.
But yeah, I don’t want a diamond ring. Whoever my future husband is…well, I will tell them not to get me one.

A fake diamond looks exactly the same and guess what…I’m sure it costs a heck of a lot less. You know what we could buy with the money spent on a diamond ring?! Probably a lot of things. Like a microwave or a new fridge or a dog. The possibilities are endless. But more importantly, I’ll know that no one was killed in the process of getting that rock from the ground to my finger. I don’t really care if the jewelry place claims to only get diamonds from certified places or whatever. You never know. How could you possibly be ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE? I refuse to support an industry that directly or indirectly supports so much conflict.

There is so much crap that goes on in the world, and it’s sort of impossible not to indirectly support it. Are you wearing clothes that were made anywhere except North America? Well if you are, you are probably supporting sweat shops. But what are we supposed to do? Make all of our own clothes? It’s horrible and it breaks my heart but this is what the world has come to. As a Christian, it pains me to know that the clothing I’m wearing caused someone somewhere so much pain. It’s so hard to do anything about it though.
Even though I can’t change everything, I am willing to do as much as I can do avoid supporting things that I know are harming other people.

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