I Went To a Wedding

ImageYesterday, I went to a wedding. And I did not freak out. Well, I did a little bit. But I got over it.  You may be wondering why the heck I would be freaking out about going to a wedding. Well, you see, there is a lot of food at weddings. And this stresses me out. I don’t like feeling forced to eat, I don’t like eating when there are a lot of people around, and sometimes I just don’t like eating. And I have emetophobia, so one of my triggers is being around a big group of people and having to eat. (This is not a trigger for everyone). Not to mention, my stomach was already feeling weird from before. But I did it anyway. And I had SO much fun!
I got placed at a table with awesome people who I love, and had a blast. The wedding was very simple, and the venue was far from perfect, but it was the people there who made it great. And the bride and groom looked lovely and so happy. That’s all that matters really. 

Anyway. The point is…I went. I was scared, and I went. And I had fun. And nothing happened. My stomach was fine. I did not get sick. I even ate some roast beef and veggies. And I danced! I never dance! I mean, I probably looked ridiculous…but I did it anyway.
Like I said, it’s the little things. Step by step. And I also made an appointment with my psychologist who I haven’t seen in 6 months. So, I think I’m starting to make some improvements. I’m feeling good right now.

One thought on “I Went To a Wedding

  1. Hi, I’ve just started reading your blog. I also suffer from anxiety and I’m a Christian too. Well done for you achievements today, really happy for you and glad you’re feeling good.

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