I Hate My Brain Sometimes


Sometimes I hate my brain.
I hate thinking so much. I hate the fact that I always jump to the worst case scenario. I hate that horrible, frightening, and sometimes even disturbing thoughts have the ability to ruin my day.
I hate that every time I cough I become paranoid that it’s something serious. I hate that every headache I get, I worry I have a brain tumor. I hate that even when I have nothing to worry about, I worry there’s something wrong with me because I’m not worrying.

But even after all that – I still love my brain. I love that I’m getting good grades in university. I love that what I read actually stays with me forever. I love that I have the ability to help others because of what I’ve been through. I love that I’ve always been able to think critically in every situation. I love that I have become a very empathetic person. I love that I love learning. I love that I don’t make hasty decisions that will screw me over.

Even though I hate my brain sometimes, there is still so much about it that I love.

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