Hebrews 2:8


I have been reading through Hebrews, and found this verse this other day. Honestly, reading the Bible has always been a struggle for me. It’s rare that a verse really hits me…but this one did. “When God put everything under His Son’s control, nothing was left out”
Nothing was left out. Nothing.

This is one of the most comforting verses I have ever read. The fact that even though I have no control over my circumstances, God does. Nothing was left out. I wasn’t left out. My anxiety wasn’t left out. All my worries about the future, the present, and even my past. Nothing was left out.

Sometimes it’s difficult letting go. You think you have control over things – but you don’t. I’m a horrible control freak; I think that worrying or obsessing over things will change them. But it won’t. Of course it won’t.
But God has everything under control. And I need to remember that.

Because nothing was left out.

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