“Just Get Over It”

For those suffering from mental health issues, these are the last words you want to hear.
And yet, they seem to be some of the words I hear the most.

Please, never, EVER say this to someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, or anything else for that matter.

It is not possible to “just get over”.
Would you tell someone with diabetes to “just get over it”? I’m assuming you would not.
Mental health is still health. People who don’t understand anxiety believe that “positive thinking”, “mind over matter” is enough. In my case, since everyone in my family is a Christian, “just pray about it” comes up a lot too.

No. Just. Stop.

Of course, I do pray about it. And my faith has helped me out more than anything else. BUT that doesn’t give anyone the right to tell me that my problems are simply of matter of not praying enough or not being positive enough.

Just getting over it is not a solution and it’s not possible. It is also terrible to say to someone who is confiding in you, because guess what – they are going to stop telling you things and instead, pretend that everything is okay. “See, I just got over it like you said!”
It doesn’t work that way.

This is sort of a rant, because I’m tired of people who think anxiety is something that simple.

Honestly, don’t you think if I and others with anxiety were able to “just get over it” …wouldn’t we all be better now?

2 thoughts on ““Just Get Over It”

  1. I agree with you 100%, my boyfriend also says this to me a lot “Wish I could do more to help” which is nice, but it also makes me feel like crap, because it doesn’t help at all and just makes me feel more helpless and alone. I guess that’s why I kinda have stopped talking a lot about it to people in my life, (as per the advice of my doctor) and am writing my feelings instead. Some people just don’t understand, and I guess if you haven’t had those feelings how could you understand.

    1. Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. Just remember that you are not alone. I started this blog less than a month ago and I already feel that writing all my feelings down is helping so much. Not only that, but there is a whole community of people with anxiety and other mental health issues who blog too! I immediately did not feel so alone anymore :)

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